Quartzite is a type of variation from original slate,containing higher volume of quartz as mineral. It’s one of the most fashion building materials. Due to its glitter surface and beautiful color ,quartzite has been the love of architects.

It has many colors like black, white, pink, green, yellow etc. It can be made into tile,wall stone panels,strips,mushroom stone,paving stone,flagstone etc.

Products Details,

  • Popular size: 300x300mm/400x400mm/300x600mm/400x600mm/600x600mm/400x800mm and other customized size.
  • Thickness: 8~12mm/10~15mm/15~20mm/25~30mm etc.
  • Textures: nature split,flamed,honed ect
  • Use:house,kitchen,bathroom,fireplace,patio,pool areas,inn,villa,store, garden in both interior exterior applications.